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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ready for Halloween..

We have never celebrated Halloween before. This is going to be our first celebration!! In preparation, we got a very big pumpkin last week and I got down to business today!!! After going through numerous videos on carving the perfect pumpkin and blogs as to find out, if we were a wee bit early, I sat down to carve out our little monster. The final result after a broken blade and some struggling with a very tough pumpkin,,,,,,,, Am I proud of myself???? You bet, I am!!!


  1. Look at that! that is one fantastic carved pumpkin!!! I hope to find some that we can carve but believe it or not,it's not easy!

    Great job!!!

  2. Great job on yur first carving and congrats on participating in your first Halloween :) It's always been my favorite time of year!

  3. This is your first time? No way! You did a stellar job! I love your pumpkin! : )

  4. That's a super cool pumpkin! I wouldn't even begin to attempt to carve one... :)

  5. Great job! It is not easy to carve pumpkins. You need a good knife. Happy Halloween!


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