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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tschüss Februar!!

February's coming to an end. Am I glad!! I know I have been ranting about the seasons, it's just that the harshness of winter got to me. 
Now that the days are slowly beginning to get longer and warmer, I am ever eager to welcome March.

More than a month ago I discovered Instagram for the iPhone and since then I have been updating my Facebook page with easy snapshots while on the go. Tinajo, my bloggy friend does a round up at the end of every month on her favorite pictures which led me to do the same as I realized that these shots never made to the blog..
Which one is your favorite?
Each has a story to tell...

The oranges were bought just because I LOVED the leaves..:D

My orchids finally bloomed and am having gorgeous flowers by my windowsill.

Having missed my all time favorite magazine(GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, India) for 2 whole years, they finally have it available on the iPad!! Don't you just love those tea pots? INDIA is a shoppers paradise, truly!!

And the last, sigh!! Have I ever told you how I so not like watching movies in a theatre. I could not believe that I gave in to my hubby and kids and was made to watch a 3D movie, not just any movie but STAR WARS!!! yikes!! and that too in Deutsch. 
In the end, I did get a great picture of the Kino(theatre) though.

By the way, the post title says Bye February in Deutsch..:-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesdays around the world

I am overwhelmed with all the colors of spring in everybody's corner of the world. It more than makes my day to see blooms of hyacinth and daffodils springing out from the ground awakening from their deep slumber.

As you can see from my pictures, we are still waiting for that burst of color.

And while we wait, others too are getting ready to begin their work with the arrival of spring. For instance those cruisers that are docked by the River Main. During winter, there are no Schiffahrt or river cruises happening. Reasons being too cold and possibilities of the river freezing. The germans do love sitting out in the open on their cruise.

With the temperature warming up I too should be presenting pictures of lovely green to you, soon.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sundays in my city

German villages are not hard to fall in love with......
You can be smitten by them easily.

The brightly colored timbered houses with romantic towers protruding out gives way to fairytale like imagination....
Did a Rapunzel lean out of this tower??

The wrought ironed shop signs remind you of the medieval times gone by...

The cobbled pathways may have been worn out with the horse drawn carriages of the past? camera and I can go on and on.

Do you get smitten by quaint villages and get the urge to return?

P.S: All pictures taken at Miltenberg. Am gonna return cause I have to see the geraniums hanging out of every window in the above lane.

Unknown Mami

Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodbye old man winter

Hello my lovelies..:-) I know I vanished into thin air without any warning. Lets just blame it on old man winter!!! Though this is our third winter I have come to realize that this body of mine works well in warm sunny weather or rather Indian weather. This makes me even more eager to our return back home. Back in those days when I was told that the cold dark winter of Europe can be very depressing I never gave it much thought, in fact I found it very funny. Now having experienced it, I cannot tell you how true it is. One thing I am sure of is that I will never miss these winter days of Deutschland.

Assuming that the worst is over, we are eagerly looking forward to Spring. 
There is a slight change of color in the landscape, it doesn't looks all that dead as before. Skies are bluer, temperatures warmer though still in the single digit.
(Thats a sheet of frozen ice on the pond)

The kids have been home this week thanks to the Fasching break. We didn't watch any parade this year or gather thrown candy. Instead, we have been doing a lot of other things together. 

Like a visit to our favorite spot just outside of Lohr. You have no idea how hard it is to keep these kids indoors during the 100 dark days of winter. So even before spring arrives, we head out. 

In a months time, we should be welcoming new life and color. Till then, we patiently wait...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word

My sister returned to Scotland on Saturday. And for the next 2 days our little girl surprised us by being a weepy mess. The past 2 weeks were so awesome, she could not get herself to believe that it was all over.
The days up to her aunt's arrival were ones of excitement and childish preparation with a kind of frenzy.  

And once she was here, it was like the three of them were on holiday together.....
Do you know of an aunt who allows herself to be thrown at with umpteen number of snow balls till the face gets totally frozen...:D

And then one who just never gets fed up of playing monopoly, morning, noon or night,

one who has the patience of ( heaven knows) when the little ones are pretend guides for a day and just cannot seem to be quiet even for a second!!

one who gives piggy back rides all over town even though her back feels like it's falling apart...

one who leaves notes and treasures collected during one of their walks.

Well, she is one kind of an aunt to both of them.
I hope she returns and they can together create many more beautiful memories.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter wreath

It's freaking cold here......freaking cold....
Just to give you an idea, you can head on over here to see some pictures for yourself.

I decided to make the best use of this time by getting creative and all!!!
I had spotted this wreath way back in December on Pinterest and waited for temperatures to plunge, it never happened. 
Last night out of the blue I remembered my pin and then couldn't wait for morning to arrive to get this done.
It looks awesome in my tiny balcony. Meanwhile, I have two more getting ready with pine leaves and red  beads.
 For those wanting to know how to make one, head on over here.