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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lavender and bees

The weekend's gone. It was very beautiful, sunny and lazy.
For a change we didn't go anywhere. 
I lazed around and spent lots of time with my prettiness..:-) along with lots of tea!!
If they did count the cups of tea that I downed, my neighbor's must have been really wondering what must be wrong with me.

The lavender flowers are finally blooming. There are quite a few of them. 
The ceramic heart with the lavender flower print was a gift from my kids.
They won a gift hamper from a small shop and this is what they surprise me with instead of buying something for themselves. It looks pretty on the garden table.
Now hubby's waiting for his surprise from the kids...:D

For the past 3 days, I also have been having a lone visitor to my garden. Can you spot Mr bumble bee up there? He spends about an hour going from flower to flower searching for his share of nectar. I wonder where is the bee hive cause that's where he is taking all my honey!!


  1. Oh, lavender honey yum! Hope you find that hive. :-) Love that your kids picked out such a thoughtful heart, and adore your beautiful patio garden! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Love lavender, love these pics - a great summery feeling to them!

  3. It looks so so pretty! I love how in some of the pics there's so many flowers that it looks like they're taken right in the countryside!

    Also, that lavender heart is adorable, really beautiful. What a great surprise!

    Thanks so much for following my blog :)

  4. What lovely flowers and how very sweet that your kids surprised you with a gift!

  5. Beautiful pictures of your garden! I just finished the last sip of my tea reading your blog....there is something relaxing about tea! I would love to share a cup with you some day!

  6. Lavender is so pretty! One of my favorite plants for a garden!

  7. That is quite the bee! I love the smell of lavender!

  8. outstanding collage ♥ Beautiful and summery!

  9. I love lavender. Nothing is more refreshing than lavender soap.


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