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Lohr am Main

Hello, Welcome to Lohr am Main. A lovely town in the Main Spessart district, surrounded by the Spessart forests and with the River Main flowing alongside. This quaint little medieval town with its half timbered buildings has now been home to our family for the past two years and will continue to be so for the next year and a half.
(The Alte Brücke or the old bridge which connects Lohr with the neighboring village of Sendelbach)

Whatever time of the year you arrive, what instantly strikes you is the extreme calm and serenity of the place. For a person coming from a city of 5 million to one with hardly 7000 inhabitants this can be pretty alarming and equally hard to adjust. You need time to slowly fall in love and savor the place. 
(The Altes Rathaus or old town hall)

Having lived in Lohr for quite some time now, we have begun to appreciate the abundance of nature we are surrounded with. Unlike major cities, Lohr is truly a children's paradise with its lush green meadows, cycling paths and the umpteen number of Spielplatz(play areas). 
(A summer's evening by the river Main)
(A ride through town on an Autumn's day)

Expat life can be hard, pretty hard. Its all about time, patience, and adjustment. Getting to know your host country, acquainting yourself with its culture, the people and in our case, a new language too can be challenging. For it's hospitality and warm nature of the locals, Lohr has won a special place in our hearts. We have met awesome people who have gone to extreme length to see that our stay here in their land is as comfortable as possible.

(Snow white's castle or the Lohrer Schloss)
(Winter paradise)

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  1. Lovely photos. Hadn't heard of Lohr am Main till today, all thanks to you!


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