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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mango Bite.

See what's just come along with my husband from India??

MANGOES!!!!! :D 
Two months ago, when he was told by the company that he would have to go to India on work, the kids and I were over the moon. We got down to making our wish lists and mangoes definitely were number 1...:) So when he arrived this evening, we three were impatient till he opened his bags to reveal this!! Apparently, he was told by somebody that if he carried them as hand baggage and if he were to be stopped(at the airport in Germany), the mangoes would all be confiscated. So my man, promptly packed them in the check in baggage and here they are...:)

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday's in my city.

What do you do with left over bread??

Bread pudding?? or any other yummy dish I know of??

or do you save it like me(in a refrigerator of course!!) to feed the ducks!!! Today, we headed out to our favorite spot by the river Main to feed ducks..:)

As the kids were busy strewing bread crumbs for their feathery friends, I could not help but look around and see how everybody else were enjoying their Sunday.

Wish we had a boat like the family above to quietly sail away. I must have whispered my wish out loud, cause pretty soon Sonny was counting out loud the money he had to see if he could buy a boat for Mamma..:)

And then there was this dare devil who caused quite a stir with his loud motor boat.

 There was also a row boat with people taking turns to row. I hope you are not fed up of my shots of the river Main. Cause I saved the best for last!!

One of the many barges that sails from one city to another. I wonder what does it feel like to work on these big boats. All I know is that they transport goods . Many a time I spot cars and dogs too on the deck. It must be quite interesting to have a job like this.
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Unknown Mami

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its my day!!

The first call from my love in India,

The warmest hug from my son,

The heartfelt letter from my daughter,

Blessings from my near and dear ones,

Heartfelt wishes from my dearest friends near and far,

A birthday card from Russia,

A surprise gift from my fellow classmates.

Indeed, a birthday to remember for many years to come!!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sundays in my City!

Yesterday marked the finale of the communion children's journey together. For the past eight months all of them had been meeting every month to prepare themselves to receive Jesus Christ. To mark the end of this beautiful journey, all the children along with their families went to a play held in a theatre at Münsterschwarzach, an hour's drive from Lohr am Main. We travelled by bus and since this was our first time traveling in a bus in Deutschland, it was pretty exciting. Along the way I kept myself busy snapping away.

Considering the fact that we hadn't been on a drive for the past 3 weeks, I was astonished to see the way everything had transformed to a lush green!!!

With a storm forecast for the evening, the sky was dotted with grey clouds here and there. That's how little villages look when traveling.

Here came the best part!!! Vineyards!!! Very soon, wine tasting festivals will be on the groove...:)

I love these country roads. At times you are the lone driver for miles together, sort of like King of the road!!!

Have you ever seen the windmills of Deutschland?? They are pretty huge and very interesting to watch too.

As we returned home in the evening, we could see the dark clouds or rather the German storm approaching...;-)

Unknown Mami

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you see what I see.

As promised, the view from the windows of our classroom.  When the mind is tired and filled up with all the complicated german grammar, all I got to do is take a look at the hills and the blue skies....

And when the skies are so blue like today, I think to myself, am I doing the right thing sitting with all the fellow students, trying to make sense of what is being said instead of being out, enjoying the countryside.

But then, as the day wears on, and we have spent laughing listening to 14 students from 11 countries struggling to speak german in their own way with their accent and phonetic sounds, it does seem worth it, cause we are all here to learn and help each other.

In between breaks, I run forth to the windows to take a look at the gorgeous roses that are blooming.  I have never seen so many roses in a bush at all!! The colors look so lush and red! Makes me wanna pluck them and make a bouquet...:)

This is why Germans appreciate the beautiful weather, the blooms, blue skies .... cause they are all here only for a short time before the dark and gloomy winter sets in!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Less of me...

When I enrolled myself to The Deutsch course, I was told by somebody that I would not have any time for blogging!! I am afraid that it is turning out to be true...:( More than not having time, the mind is too occupied to think of new ideas to blog. Also, being stuck in a classroom during the day followed by rushing home to complete all the house hold chores leaves me with no time to capture anything new on the cam!!! And Lohr am Main is bursting with green grass, colorful geraniums and gorgeous roses. Hopefully, this weekend I should be able to capture the beauty that I am surrounded with....
Till then,
With Love from Lohr.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sundays in my City!

Last Sunday we celebrated the First Holy Communion of both our children here in Germany. As a family, it was a unique and a fulfilling experience. The service in the church along with the celebration at home was very beautiful. We not only enjoyed ourselves, this experience will be a very pleasant memory  not only for us, but also for those who shared in our joy.

Many a times, I remembered my family, most of all my mother. I know she would have loved to share in this experience of ours and the children would have been more than delighted to have her over. But, it was not possible for any of our family members to be present.
Here's a peek into the naughty twosome in their fine wear..:)

I have been having the communion hangover and it has been taking quite some time to wear off!! The part of playing gracious hostess along with being the cook, decorator, beautician, party planner has all taken a toll on me(also on hubby dearest..:D)!! I will be back to reading all your blogs and commenting soon. Till then, please bear with me..:)
Unknown Mami

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Holy Communion in Lohr am Main.

 The children of St Michael's Kirche, Lohr am Main, received their First Holy Communion on the 8th of May 2011. As the parents of two children receiving this Blessed Sacrament, it was not only a day of great joy for us, but also a day where we got together with friends to celebrate. The hangover of the entire event is slowly wearing off.. So till I get my groove back, here is a shot for you all to see. Don't they look divine like angels??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The beauty of sunrise..

 I know, this is not a picture of a sunrise...  Our home doesn't directly face the rising sun. But, our neighborhood looks beautiful, thanks to the soft rays the sunrise generates. Every morning, on waking up, I cannot wait to open the shutters to be greeted by these morning sights. The blue skies with the roof tops reflecting the warm rays of the sun is something I look forward to everyday.

If this seems magical to me, I wonder what does it feel for homes to directly view the risen splendor?

This picture was taken at 7:15 in the morning. Yes, it is very bright at this time of the day. You can see  school children walking up to school. Do you have beautiful sun rises in your part of the world? 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesdays around the world

Hello my loves!! After debating whether to write a post or not, looks like my blog won!!! I am desperately hard crunched for time, but then, I just could not let go of my Tuesday...:)
     I have begun my classes, finally!! I have so much to tell. We are a batch of 13 students, from 11 different countries. One speaks English, the rest their respective languages from their homeland. So as of now, it looks like Deutsch will be the language we will have to communicate in, for which we need to learn.
Our teacher is a warm lovely person. It does feel pretty strange to me cause roughly a year and a half ago I was standing in her place and I loved every moment of my work. Sitting for 5 classes at a go is pretty strenuous. Mid day, our stomach's begin to rumble. Somebody's was rumbling so loud today, we had to control fits of laughter in between the classes. Towards the last class, I am close to dozing off. Luckily, we have breathtaking scenery from our class, so I try to distract myself with the mountains of our beautiful forests and roof tops of Lohr am Main (I promise a picture in a future post).
    Our batch is a pretty good mix of people. Though I have not spoken in person to anybody, from what I see, we have thinkers, frowners, over confident, gigglers, shy, hesitant students in our midst. The amazing part is that, our Lehrerin or teacher knows how to deal with each one of us.
The next seven months look very long, too long. But then, when I know that I am going to benfit from all this and that it is time well spent, it is worth the wait.

What does your today look like or what are you doing? Have you embarked in an adventure like me? The girls at Communal Global wanna know. Do link up with us, so that we can come and visit you..:)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's in my City

Yipee, my month is finally here!! I love it when May arrives...:) Apart from being my birth month(Ye ye, that's why I am named May!!!), the warm weather, color and sunshine, what's not to love about that??
We had an eventful week, with the kids being home for Easter holidays. The final countdown to the first holy communion of my son and daughter has begun. Next Sunday, at this time, my husband and I should be playing gracious hosts to 25 odd guests who will be sharing in our joy. More on the event will follow the coming week with pictures and stories about the entire celebration.

This week, we headed over to Koblenz, 200 kms from where we live to witness the Bundesgartenschau that was held. In Germany, the federal garden show is held once every two years. I love garden shows. right from my childhood days. Being a lover of plants,back home I used to grab the opportunity to visit a horticulture show of any kind. On arrival in Germany, I missed these colorful events, but then, every village has flowers popping out their windows, doors, yards and houses which in turn is a visual treat to the eyes. 

I am grateful for a family who understands my love for flowering plants and accomodate my need to visit these places. They patiently tag along side me as I exclaim and wonder at the gorgeous colors and shapes of the petals.

The garden show runs from April to October. But I hurried along this week before the tulips withered out and went out of season. I know, tulip fields are plenty in neighboring Netherlands, but honestly, I do not know whether I will ever reach there. So, we hurried up this week, cause, even a tiny patch of tulips were enough to satisfy my soul.

Unknown Mami