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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Vacation home in Brienz, Switzerland.

The best part for us, about living in Deutschland is the ability to be able to travel to other countries. To our good luck, Lohr am Main is positioned so nicely on the map that we are roughly 3 to 4 hours away from the borders of the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg,Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Though it will be a dream come true to really be able to experience cultures in these different countries, am grateful for the fact that we are able to soak in and enjoy whatever comes our way. And one way of doing this is by living in a ferienwohnung or a vacation home as it is called. 

(Lavender flowers outside the windows)

Not only do you get to experience living in an authentic home, you are surrounded by locals too, which gives you an opportunity to have a quick chat. Be it the baker, butcher, souvenir or a wine shop, people are curious to know about you, where you come from and love telling stories about their village or town and also have the best suggestions to give you, sometimes advice the tourist information may have overlooked.

(Lake Brienz as seen from our vacation home)

We discovered the joys of living in a vacation home by chance. Having got fed up living in crammed hotel rooms and paying double the price (quadruple rooms cost a bomb!!), our first experience in a ferienwohnung took us by surprise. Not only did we have an entire house all to ourselves with the kids having their own room, we loved the fact that we could also have breakfast in our pajamas, the lazy way..:) There was no mad rush to freshen up, dress and run down before the breakfast counter closed!!

(The herbs in the kitchen garden and the table where we sat up late nights drinking wine and looking out into the lake and mountains)

The past few months have seen us holidaying in some beautiful homes. All the while it never struck me to take shots of the places we lived. Not being forgetful this time, I did manage to take a few before leaving. Saved the best for last. Below are all views from different rooms of the house at different times(either early morning or late night)

(The village of Brienz)

Unknown Mami

Have a nice week everybody. I hope to write more stories about our Swiss travel here on the blog!!


  1. Oh May..these are breathtaking photos!! just beautiful! WOW! I love vacation can relax more and spread out a a mother of two..I appreciate the spreading out bit :) I too love the fact that you can travel more easily and cheaper throughout Europe when you already live here..We still need to meet up at some point :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. The village of Brienz is so pretty an artist might have built it. Thank you for remembering to take some photos.

  3. Big sigh! That's a little bit of paradise. Wow.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  4. Great, great holiday place.The place is truly paradise. Thanks for sharing :).

  5. really gorgeous! adding switzerland to my bucket list immediately, must go!

  6. May, your pictures are simply breathtaking!!! What a nice post & thanks so much for taking the pictures of the place you stayed. The first one - of the pot of lavender flowers - is my favourite, there is something so serene about the flowers gently blown away by the breeze - I am making it my wallpaper on my desktop if u dont mind. BTW, I love lavender :)

  7. May, what wonderful moments you are sharing with your family. The photographs are beautiful and I'm sure being there is even better.

  8. sawasdee ka.

    i come to visit naka.


  9. Everything looks so beautiful May! So different to the beauty of Australia.

  10. Wow! You are truly lucky to have experienced living in this beautiful vacation home! Its interior is well-design and furnished, and the house is surrounded by panoramic views of the crystal blue sea and the lush mountains. Everything in this place spells PERFECT! If I were there, I think I would have a hard time leaving the place!

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