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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer is....

a time...
to spend outdoors as much as possible.
Get that bike out, go on a long ride through the countryside...
through fields with the heavy scent of very ripe strawberries wafting through the air..
Or walk amongst the green and look out for wild flowers and poppies..
or watch a family of ducks swimming across the ponds.
Or better still, grab that swimsuit and splish splash in the pool or the Main..:-)

a time...
to GRILL...
gorge on german wurst, salad and brötchen..
at the same time have a good time with loved ones.

a time.....
to sow and reap, enjoy the fruit of labor coupled with warmth and sunshine....
be it on a small patch of land, a teeny tiny balcony or sprawling fields.

a time...
for festivals...
both big and small, beer or wine...
you have it all.
Get out the barrels, beat the drums, blow the trumpets, get the ball rolling..
you can down it all..:-)

a time...
to enjoy the german towns and villages in all their color and splendor..
With the geraniums spilling out of every window, and the summer weather changing moods ..
With bier gartens and Eis parlors open....

GOSH, this is my favorite season of all!!!

Unknown Mami


  1. What a lovely post! I think it captires amazingly well the scence of Summer. Happy season! :)

  2. So true! Love these summertime thoughts and shots. Your potted plants and flowers you've been posting lately inspired me to make some hanging baskets of my own today. :-)

  3. Wonderful photos and amazing Mosaics. Great, great, great !!!
    Have a nice Sunday, May. Hugs and kisses, Synnöve

  4. Yes, to all of that! These are wonderful summer photo medleys.

  5. Verdant.

    And the FOOD - - - I'm on my way over - - -

  6. What a divine medley of summer photos. Looks like so much fun! and delicious!

  7. Wow! You just summed up the summer in one post with your beautiful words and your pictures! I just love Germany in summer. Thanks for reminding me!!

  8. You have certainly summed up summer. Great pictures

  9. Beautiful summer collages! Looks like a great place to be during the summer

  10. Beautiful shots and how I miss this time of year in Germany! Germans are the happiest when the weather is good and it's festival time! Happy Monday!

  11. The shots from Germany are gorgeous! I so wish I could visit it someday!

  12. I loved these collages. So well put together.


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