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Monday, January 16, 2012

Just another manic Monday.

(The orchids are slowly beginning to bloom)

Have you guys got your groove back? It's 15 days past January and I am still trying to get things back to normal. It's sure taking pretty long.

(My newest arrival on the window sill. In about a year's time, I will have to find new homes for these babies)

We are experiencing abundant sunshine along with lots of frost. While the camera has also been struggling to get back into action, hubby has encouraged me to go out and get some pretty shots of Lohr in frost. So as I head out, here's wishing you all my lovely readers a HAPPY MONDAY!!! I hope it's not as lazy as mine.


  1. Oh, look at them - I should send my orchid to you! :-) Enjoy this Monday! :-)

  2. WOW! Your such a good flower mamma. You should see my plants. I put them outside the other day because it was a beautiful 54 degrees and then forgot them. Nights are cold in South Carolina...the temps dropped to cool 27 the other night. ummmm yeah! My plants died. Don't ever leave me in charge of your plants. I'm much better with children. :)



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