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Friday, May 31, 2013

What's happening?

Many of you may be wondering.
Next month at this time we will be half way on our journey back home to India.
The days are flying and I seem to have suddenly gone into a zombie mode.
Moving across countries, I do not like it. 
Packing, moving, unpacking...the next few months is gonna be as chaotic as can be.

The past week saw us on our last European adventure with day trips to the Black Forest and Insel Mainau. With a heavy heart I bade goodbye to the alps. Henceforth to satisfy the urge to look at the snowcapped peaks I shall have to travel all the way to the Himalayas!! We also spent 3 nights in between the Rhine and the Mosel valley hiking 12 kms to visit a fairytale castle Burg Eltz. We drove through the picturesque river Rhine dotted with its many ruins and castles along both its banks. We wound up at the pretty town of Trier.
The next two weeks will be spent in arranging farewell parties for both colleagues and friends of our kids and hubby. Lot of walks around town and by the river Main are on my bucket list and maybe umpteen number of pictures too.


  1. Enjoy your last time with friends (at least for a while)!

  2. The Rhine are is beautiful! It's sad to say goodbye, enjoy your last days and take with you the wonderful memories of have of your time spent in Germany and look ahead to new adventures in India.

  3. It's a bitter sweet....sad to leave such a beautiful place but I imagine you are happy to return home. If the sense of travel and adventure weren't in you before they certainly are now. Enjoy your last weeks in Deutschland.

  4. Wow, amazing view! looking cool and pretty.


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