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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hike to Maria Buchen.

By now, you must be all aware that we are surrounded by forests or the Main Spessart as it is known. If you aren't, then just have a look at the header of my blog. Can you see the dense growth? Well, for me it is only a 10 minute walk into the wild..:)
    Now deep in the forest, 5 kms from where I live, is a Marian shrine, roughly 615 years old called Maria Buchen. You can very well go by car, but then, a hike is a different experience all together. We along with friends of ours decided to give it a shot. 

Finding trails is not so hard(there are plenty passing through different villages too), though we had our iphone to see that we were not lost in the wild. Since we are experiencing a very dry spring season, it was a surprise to see the bright green around.  To rest your tired feet, there are benches or plain logs of wood along the way. 

That is Maria Buchen, perched on a hill or so it looks like. If you are to arrive from a different trail, it looks like it is down in a valley. Not only is the shrine very beautiful in the inside, there also is a restaurant beside it which serves very good food. But thanks to the E.Coli outbreak, we were not willing to take the risk of having lunch there. We settled in for some fresh ice cream.

If you are lucky, you will spot a bridal shoot like we did...

or grazing cows.......

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  1. Oh my goodness it's beautiful there! that bride looks simply stunning in her dress :)


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