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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday's in my City

One of the things I like about Germany is the walking and cycling paths it has to offer. These tracks run along the country side allowing you to explore at your own pace and leisure. Spring and Summer are the best times for these activities. Personally, I hate biking or cycling. There is no particular reason, it's just that I prefer walking to riding a cycle.

When you have a family that loves going out on their bikes, then you are motivated to change your thinking and try giving this outdoor sport a shot. So it was a surprise to my  family when I managed to bike alongside with ease, without pausing to catch my breath or grumble...:)

We passed along apple orchards,

Strawberry fields.....Can you spot the bright red in between....

Here's a close up for you. I have been wanting to go strawberry picking with a basket in hand. Have been trying hard to find out any information regarding this.

Further along we came across corn fields swaying along with the wind. The three heads are my hubby and kiddies patiently waiting for me...:)

We paused here and there, taking in the visual treat the country side had to offer. 

Towards the end, we climbed atop a bridge and saw the whole process of a cruiser crossing a dam. Only after the ship had passed by us did I notice that it was from the Netherlands.

I so wanna go on a cruise right now!!!
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  1. Oh! Can you even imagine how delightful strawberry picking will be? Too wonderful for words : ). I love your pictures.

    Where do I find my quotes? Well, I have been collecting them since I was in about the 9th grade. I also love Quote Garden and use it frequently!

  2. I wanna go on that boat and eat those strawberries!

  3. I loved cycling when I lived in New Orleans. There were many special bike paths along Lake Ponchartrain and the Mississippi River. But rural areas are the best to cycle with friends or family.

  4. I'm trying real hard to NOT be jealous of you getting to see all this gorgeous countryside without me.

  5. I love going for walks, but I am also quite fond of bike rides and you have such lovely places to enjoy.

  6. I love the path through the apple orchard.

  7. What a gorgeous place to go riding! I love that second shot, such an inviting path :-)

    When I was a kid my family did lots of bike riding when on holidays, I have fond memories of long rides with my cousins.

    I do own a bike now but have hardly ever ridden it, one day we'll get out there again. I hope!

  8. I want to travel - again! :)
    Your pics are so inviting, all of them.
    I am in Finland but I had a two week holiday in back in Helsinki again. :)

  9. YAY for biking! I started doing it myself last week and I am heaad over heels in love with biking in the Dutch countryside! love your pics and have a wonderful week!

  10. Oh, Germany looks beautiful! I would so love to go there!

  11. This looks like such a relaxing ride! I would love to ride my bike along there and go on a cruise, sign me up!

  12. This looks like such a relaxing ride! I would love to ride my bike along there and go on a cruise, sign me up!

  13. Beautiful photos! Those red strawberries look wonderful. Ours aren't quite there yet! What a wonderful area to spend time!


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