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Thursday, August 4, 2011

der Sommer

The summer's whizzing by..... like a soft breeze...

I don't want it to end. All the color, sunshine, I want it to stay...

Winter, please take your time.... I am in no rush to greet you....:)

What's your summer like ??

(Above pictures taken at Burgsinn, a pretty little village 26 kms from Lohr)


  1. Very beautiful scenes. All are pretty but most I like the second :) LG Tina

  2. Your summer looks delightful, a little like our spring. Our summers are too long, hot and humid for my liking, but the children love them!

  3. Those are very beautiful shots.

  4. Lovely shots May! My fav ones are the ones with the berry tree and the header which is simply stunning! Good job!

  5. Thank you Shireen..:) I am enjoying the break at home. Me and my camera are back in action, though I am still learning how to use the new fellow..:D

  6. Your summer is beautiful....ours has been too hot and humid and buggy to enjoy! I'm hoping for a early and long fall...winter can wait! Beautiful pictures as always May! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love the header May! I wish our summer had more sun and warmth. We've been dealing with waaaay to much rain and grey skies.

    Thanks so much for the comment you left does my heart good to know someone out there is enjoying my muffin recipes all the way in India!

  8. Sonya, it was pretty cold here too, though the weather seems to be picking up now..:) Aww Sonya, I had to pass on my cousin's msg to you. She was very grateful for all the bakes and cakes recipes you had on your blog!!


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