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Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodbye old man winter

Hello my lovelies..:-) I know I vanished into thin air without any warning. Lets just blame it on old man winter!!! Though this is our third winter I have come to realize that this body of mine works well in warm sunny weather or rather Indian weather. This makes me even more eager to our return back home. Back in those days when I was told that the cold dark winter of Europe can be very depressing I never gave it much thought, in fact I found it very funny. Now having experienced it, I cannot tell you how true it is. One thing I am sure of is that I will never miss these winter days of Deutschland.

Assuming that the worst is over, we are eagerly looking forward to Spring. 
There is a slight change of color in the landscape, it doesn't looks all that dead as before. Skies are bluer, temperatures warmer though still in the single digit.
(Thats a sheet of frozen ice on the pond)

The kids have been home this week thanks to the Fasching break. We didn't watch any parade this year or gather thrown candy. Instead, we have been doing a lot of other things together. 

Like a visit to our favorite spot just outside of Lohr. You have no idea how hard it is to keep these kids indoors during the 100 dark days of winter. So even before spring arrives, we head out. 

In a months time, we should be welcoming new life and color. Till then, we patiently wait...


  1. There u are! Great to see ur post May and hope u feel better with the cheer that nature brings during Spring! Take care!

    1. Aww Shireen....that's the most beautiful comment..:-)

  2. Hello May, your winter must be nearly over. I know even in our mild climate we look forward to spring, how much more so for you.
    The chocolate cake in my post is egg free and uses extra light olive oil as the fat (no butter). A very easy mix-by-hand and bake recipe.

  3. Glad to hear signs of spring are starting to show where you are. Love the picture of the frozen sheet of ice, and what fun to be able to get out a bit with the kids, even if you still are in the single digits. Brr!

  4. hey can u post smemore photos. i am to travel to lohr in a month. eager to see more of the place :)

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      If you click on Lohr from the labels at the right side of this page, you will have almost 50 posts with plenty of pictures.
      Welcome to Lohr!!! I hope you enjoy your stay here..:-)


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