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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tschüss Februar!!

February's coming to an end. Am I glad!! I know I have been ranting about the seasons, it's just that the harshness of winter got to me. 
Now that the days are slowly beginning to get longer and warmer, I am ever eager to welcome March.

More than a month ago I discovered Instagram for the iPhone and since then I have been updating my Facebook page with easy snapshots while on the go. Tinajo, my bloggy friend does a round up at the end of every month on her favorite pictures which led me to do the same as I realized that these shots never made to the blog..
Which one is your favorite?
Each has a story to tell...

The oranges were bought just because I LOVED the leaves..:D

My orchids finally bloomed and am having gorgeous flowers by my windowsill.

Having missed my all time favorite magazine(GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, India) for 2 whole years, they finally have it available on the iPad!! Don't you just love those tea pots? INDIA is a shoppers paradise, truly!!

And the last, sigh!! Have I ever told you how I so not like watching movies in a theatre. I could not believe that I gave in to my hubby and kids and was made to watch a 3D movie, not just any movie but STAR WARS!!! yikes!! and that too in Deutsch. 
In the end, I did get a great picture of the Kino(theatre) though.

By the way, the post title says Bye February in Deutsch..:-)


  1. Looks nice! I do love the orchid buds a little extra! :-)

    1. haha!! They do look pretty, don't they?

  2. It's turning cold here in Australia. Yes opposite seasons. I'm dreading the cold. The teapots in the magazine look awesome.


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