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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word

My sister returned to Scotland on Saturday. And for the next 2 days our little girl surprised us by being a weepy mess. The past 2 weeks were so awesome, she could not get herself to believe that it was all over.
The days up to her aunt's arrival were ones of excitement and childish preparation with a kind of frenzy.  

And once she was here, it was like the three of them were on holiday together.....
Do you know of an aunt who allows herself to be thrown at with umpteen number of snow balls till the face gets totally frozen...:D

And then one who just never gets fed up of playing monopoly, morning, noon or night,

one who has the patience of ( heaven knows) when the little ones are pretend guides for a day and just cannot seem to be quiet even for a second!!

one who gives piggy back rides all over town even though her back feels like it's falling apart...

one who leaves notes and treasures collected during one of their walks.

Well, she is one kind of an aunt to both of them.
I hope she returns and they can together create many more beautiful memories.


  1. Oh, goodbyes are so bittersweet! Especially when it’s such an awesome Aunt! Hope they can get together again soon.

  2. What a special bond they have, I think this visit they will cherish forever.

  3. A wonderful time was had by all. I hope she has a chance to return as well.

  4. so sad to know she has to say goodbye..but that is a nice bond they have to cherish.

  5. What a great aunt! We should all be so lucky!!!

    I left a little something for you on my blog! Stay warm!!!

  6. Wonderful photos from the time together with your sister. Beautiful !

  7. Ah she sounds like a great auntie, they will remember her visit for ever and look forward to her next one. Sounds like you all had a great time.

  8. Goodbye's are so very hard..sending big hugs.

  9. Sounds to be a great aunt. It is really too hard to say goodbye, especially when you are too far away from home. You can find some really nice doily patterns at

  10. What a fabulous fabulous post made me smile, laugh and cry as I can relate to the favourite Aunty thing..........what a special relationship and memories that they will hold in their hearts forever!
    Carla xx

  11. Ohh that must've been hard on the kids indeed. They seem to have had so much fun together! ANd how about you, it can't be easy for you either!
    Lovely pictures!!

  12. Your story reminds me of me and my niece. We spend hours on Skype playing silly games and when we are together I can never say NO to her so I play day and night with her. It is great to be an aunt!


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