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Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring, we welcome thee.

I do not know about you, but I have been waiting like crazy for this burst of green...

Though its cold and the sun is definitely playing hide and seek, am so grateful for the sight of color.

See there, the boat rides have begun too. I am determined to go on not one but two of them this year. One will definitely be on the dear river Main and the other, hmm....maybe the Rhein?

For now, I am content with the long walks and simply listening to the squeals of delight from both the birds on the trees and my kids who have long been waiting for this season to arrive!!!

How has it been in your part of the world?


  1. Today we finally get some sun and I think (fingers crossed) that it will get warmer the next following days... :-)

    I got these plants by mail since they come from a company that had great offers and often send their plants by mail - but I can buy plants in my city too.

  2. Talk about beautiful shots! Love your header picture, too! Our weather was cold and nasty the past several days, but warmer weather is on the horizon. Temps today are expected to reach the mid-80's! YAY!!!

  3. What great photos! They make me want to lie on the grass and watch the clouds pass by. South Carolina is in the 80's today ~ lots of thunder storms!

  4. Fun! Such great greens and the boat rides sound like they'd be quite fun! We've had rain and cooler temps this week, but it looks like the weekend has sunshine in store.

  5. You would enjoy the Rhine cruise for sure! I remember doing it years ago and it was magical, with all the castles perched on the hills by the river. Just gorgeous! Happy Spring, here in Australia we are in Autumn, today the rain started in Perth and will be raining for a few days, but just 2 days ago we had 32ºC, which is wonderful for Autumn.

  6. Soooo pretty.

    I'd say we are just about exactly where yo are, weatherwise. We have sun some days - - - but still very cool and windy. We also have greened up nicely, but the leaves aren't in full spate yet.


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