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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter eggs

The kids are home for their Easter break. Given a choice they would love to be in school! Yes, school!!! While it makes me proud that they enjoy learning and having fun with their friends it also means that staying at home is a bore..ahem!! so, mom has to get her act together...:D

On Monday they wanted to get the Easter eggs ready! While we do not have an Easter egg hunt, we love dotting up our home with painted eggs. The ready kits that come along with paints and gloves is a neat idea.What you then need are old rugs, newspapers, hot water, boiled eggs(they should still be hot) and you are ready to go!!

The kids did a fantastic job with the eggs!
Happy Easter in advance my lovelies!!!


  1. That looks like a great activity to keep them happy. The bonus is the eggs look really great. Hope they don't get too bored at home :))

  2. Wow they turned out so nice! Hope they have a fun daughter is off from Friday on....Happy Easter!

  3. Yes they did a GREAT job! What a fun kit, and I love that it even included gloves! I love your little egg holders too!

  4. Those are some awesome eggs. I'm going to see if I can't find some gold foil to use on our eggs.

  5. well done..those are fabulous!

  6. They look gorgeous - well done! Enjoy your Easter sweetie! :-)

  7. A bore??? How could they say such a thing??? LOL! Beautiful, Beautiful EGGS! We haven't done that at all this week. Maybe I can fit it in tomorrow. My kids and I are on spring break too. Do you know I haven't picked up a text book, graded a test or planned for the up coming week at all since last Thursday? hhhhh the life of a homeschooling mom. . . I have loved every minute of our week off!!! :) sigh! it's almost over! Have a wonderful Holy Thursday May!!!!


  8. Whoops! Can you tell I haven't done anything academic for days??? I misspelled textbook:) LOL!!! Yes, I know it's one word. Forgive me, My brain and I are on Spring break. ;)

    I hate it when I hit send and then read my message! LOL!!!


  9. They did a great job with the eggs.

    Happy Easter from our home to yours! :)

  10. Gorgeous crafty fun and what a beautiful result far less calories than the real deal also!!! Although I am sure there were a few of those to be found...
    May thank-you for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway I was overwhelmed with the response.
    Carla x

  11. Fantastic DIY by kids.
    Lovely shots and pretty Easter eggs:)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


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