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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Row row row your boat.

In the two and a half years that we have lived here, the german friends we have made are countable. Yet, I know that these friendships will last a life time. 
With these friends we are able to have experiences which otherwise would not be possible. The few times we get together, we love exchanging stories and information about our respective countries, traditions and culture. 

The past weekend saw temperatures soaring quite high and we were invited to this pretty lake nestled deep in the Main Spessart. This patch of land has been rented by the family for the past 40 years. They say it's a lot of hard work to maintain it. The water's got to be pumped out, the grass cut, the weeds pulled out..a lot of work. But in the end, when they are able to simply relax and listen to the sounds of nature, it is worth the hard work.

They also had a little boat with oars. The kids simply took turns rowing and rowing, going around in circles searching for frogs. They seemed to not get enough of this adventure. 

So smitten were they with the whole thing,all they now want is a boat of their own...:D And me, I did not even know that renting a patch of land in such paradise was possible. I had written a post about leasing land for having a garden of your own, but this was new to me. 


  1. Oh it looks beautiful! Your photography skills are just amazing May :)

  2. I love how your photos always seem to tell a story. Just beautiful.

  3. Looks like a perfect spot and a wonderful time with friends. Once we visited a co worker of my hubby house in a near by town. Behind their garden was amazing shed and beautiful garden and open grass....when I asked them if it was there they commented how the space was rented. I guess so many live in the cities with little or no outside space its what they do.....I too had never heard of this. Labor of love for sure. Happy Monday May!

  4. Beautiful photos,May! We actually had beautiful weather today. We went fishing and later on I will do a small bike days like this. We need more of them!

  5. It looks so summer there. I'm starting to think that I'm always in wrong country:) We are now in Belgium, Antwerp and it is raining and raining. I'm starting to have enough of rain. Maybe we should go to Spain.
    Have a nice week.


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