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Monday, July 23, 2012


Some things in life bring me so much happiness, especially when they are in the form of a surprise. Like this sea of sunflowers. The two and a half years of having lived here and gone on countless drives through the countryside, never have we encountered such an expanse of yellow(other than rapeseed fields). While we were on our way on Saturday to a gathering of expats from hubby's workplace, out of the blue we were greeted by these fields. There was no way to stop and take in this surprise.
(Sunflower fields overlooking the village of Remlingen)

SO, the following day, we bundled up protesting kids into the car who just could not understand why on earth did we want to drive all the way up to a patch of sunflowers. Once we got there, it was a different story. The kids then understood what we meant. It was not a sunflower here and there, but an actual large field. We didn't even know if it was allowed to park and look at the flowers, cause there wasn't a soul around.

The children were taken by surprise on seeing the height of the plants. They were very tall. It was amusing to see the flowers all pointing in one direction.

While a few of them were on their way to getting withered, we spotted a few in between, beautiful as ever. And when the sun shone through, the petals were an amazing yellow.

We spent quite some time walking, making the kids pose and take pictures, feeling the sun and searching for plants shorter than us. This patch was sure a great find!!


  1. Oh, LOVE this! They are gorgeous! So glad you went back to get these captures. ~ I especially love the first shot with the village in the background, so lovely!

  2. We had a couple of sunflowers growing next to our house. They are wonderfully beautiful plants.

  3. This is Amazing...Glad u went back...Love the beautiful light in these pics!!

  4. So beautiful, I love sunflowers! I planted a few a couple of years ago, but they didn´t last long in the heat.

  5. I would love to see this in person! Beautiful photos....ALMOST like being there.


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