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Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby's day out(Part 2)

I wish there was a continuity in my posts, but I will save both myself and you my rant. Let's just say, I am fed up of waiting for the kids to get their summer holidays. Honestly, the academic year in Deutschland seems to drag, and the sudden surge in heat is not helping at all. Just a few days ago we were kind of shivering cause it felt like a mild winter instead of summer and now, all we want to do is take refuge in our cool cellars.
So back to today's post, part 2 of my beautiful day out at Würzburg. If you read part 1, you will know that I made the trip alone without family. My intention was to walk the vineyards of the Marienberg fortress. 
After reaching the top of the fortress, I was lost!! Yes, completely. Have you seen the boards which tell you "You are here" and give directions to go about a tourist spot. Well, I could figure out where was I, but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to get out of the huge walls and into the vineyards. After pondering for a while as to whether to give up and go back the way I came or head on over to the ticket counter and ask for directions, I chose the latter. Only that I wanted the directions in English. The poor guy fumbled and managed to give me a long set of lefts and rights and tunnels!!! No wonder I couldn't figure it out.

Once I reached the entrance, all I wanted to do was a little jig. The arched rugged stone entry with the breath taking views, took me a long time to recover.

Then on, it was a slow steady walk of 40 minutes downhill(photography, pausing and sighing with happiness and short breaks on the benches provided are not taken into account). I witnessed men at work in the vineyards. The fruit looked like it needed more time to grow. Maybe the harvest is in autumn? Just wondering.

The descent provided breathtaking views over the city wit the brightly coloured roof tops, church steeples and blue skies.

If you looked upwards, you could see the fortress looking beautiful as ever.

I didn't keep track of how long I took to walk through the green vines. I was in no rush. I wanted to take in the sights slowly without a soul around to disturb me. Occasionally there was a tourist panting and climbing uphill, one asked me how far was the entrance. There's no fun walking uphill with all the beauty behind you. 
Now if I tell you that on reaching the foothills of the vineyards, I was treated to a heavy downpour, would you believe me?? :D

P.S: The Lohrer Beer festival begins today. Do not forget to drop by my facebook page where I will be posting all the action.


  1. Seriously beautiful May.....I will never get tired of seeing your gorgeous pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Gorgeous! What great captures, and such a lovely stroll you must have had. I went over and followed you on FB as well, and look forward to seeing the Fest pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!


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