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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yesterday, Ms A had a play date at her friend's place. It meant an entire day free, for me. I chose to give an intense cleaning, throw in the old, bring in the new kind of thing to my kitchen. Half way through I was wondering why did I ever begin.
The last time I gave a tour of my kitchen was exactly two years ago. I was in for a little surprise when I saw the pics myself. We have come along way. The drawers are now overfull, a lot of new gadgets have found a kitchen home and I am practically short of space...ahem!!!

I shifted all the utensils to the dining room, made the counter tops free and scrubbity scrub I went!!
Truth be told, German kitchens are not meant for Indian cooking. We use the cook top morning, noon and night, season our food with oil, shallow fry, deep fry in oil, oil, oil....... and the countertop I have, heaven knows what is it made of. Not a day goes by without remembering my good old shiny black granite counter in India. So easy to clean, it always looked new.

And the love of white or light colors the people over here have, cabinets, door, windows.... alles weiß(all is white)!!!! It means you have to constantly be on the scrub. Otherwise the Indian grime is hard to remove..:D My new found friend, the multi fettloser(multi fat loser) always comes to my rescue.

Once I was done I went about making a few changes here and there. Change is good...:-)
The dark green bottle on top is a Bocksbeutel, a type of wine bottle used for wines in the region we live, Franconia. I put my favorite indoor plant in it, what we call the money plant.

This beauty was bought during our trip to Italy last year.

The gadgets that have found a way into my kitchen in the past two years. We do not prepare coffee in the machine, but still use it. Any idea for what?

See, I told you I was hard crunched for space. Thank goodness for Ikea where you can find cheap furniture..

And finally when all done!!
I wonder what will my next kitchen look like...just wondering.


  1. Ah, doesn´t it feel just swell after doing that?! I love that feeling!

  2. I started cleaning my kitchen yesterday and spilled a pound of dry noodles....not a good way to start! Glad to have that job off my to do list!

  3. Looking good. Our possessions seem to grow and grow...I sometimes go through my things but find some difficulty parting with some that I think I might need sometime in the future.

  4. Looks great....I love what a good use of space you have. Nothing beats a spanking clean kitchen! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thank you for the lovely tour. I have way too much stuff in my kitchen.

  6. I should be cleaning my kitchen instead of spending time on the computer, but know. :) My guess is that you use the coffee maker to brew tea? Or heat water for cocoa?


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