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Friday, January 18, 2013

Long after New Year glimpses of our Christmas...

It's now or never...
That's what I have been thinking the past few days.
This blog's for me, for memories.
And if I don't post now, it will never happen.

A European Christmas with snow flakes, christmas markets, freshly cut christmas trees, hot chocolate and cookies are all a dream for us Asians. But that doesn't stop us from celebrating in any way less. Living in Germany has taught us to explore, understand and appreciate new experiences. As a couple, hubby and I have been encouraged to try making things with our own hands and be less dependant on others, something not taught to us in India. We took delight in preparing the stable above for our crib. He the carpenter, I the poor stable's decorator. In the end, we were proud of our handiwork together.
(Gifts beneath the Christmas tree)

German tradition is that on Christmas eve, early evening, kids attend a special Christmas service both at the Catholic and Lutheran churches, following which everybody return home to exchange presents under the tree. We continued with our old custom of unwrapping presents after the actual midnight service in Church. There's a kind of charm to return home after having fed our souls spiritually and welcomed Christ's birth. 
(The pinecone hunting during summer paid off. Hand made wreath for the entrance to our home. It's still hanging there)

Christmas goodies will henceforth be a blend of both German and Indian. I feel proud that I have successfully learnt how to bake a few german goodies which will continue to make an appearance in our home wherever in the world we may be. They are much loved by the entire family.
On return, I honestly do not know if I will miss our German christmas of the past few years. I have missed being close to our families terribly, so also the colour, spirit and warmth of back home. For now, we have enjoyed and revelled in all that a german christmas has to offer, and sure will have great memories.

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  1. Beautiful Christmas celebrations you really have embraced all the culture of Germany. I really loved learning about the way others celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend!


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