You brighten my day..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


is cold and grey.
It's kind of hard to get through such days.
I need no more convincing that I will miss winter. No, never.

What's your today like? 
How about you sending me some snow?
To brighten up things, a bit!!


  1. Gray gray gray here in OR. Typical January day. We don't usually get snow here. Wish wish wish.

  2. We had the same today! It is getting to be a bit much! I am waiting for sunnier days!

  3. Lohr looks really pretty. Karlsruhe has snow - maybe you will get some soon too :-)

  4. Even in Central America, we have had countless days of rain and chill. But today was sunshine and warmth. Fuchsia and yellow blossoms. Palm trees over the swimming pool. This is why I love my new country.


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