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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer means cherries

All year long I wait for tulips and cherries!!
Yes cherries!! I can gorge on them, really..
When we have cherries at home, it's as though I am in a magnetic field. I am attracted to them and plop, there goes one into my mouth...and another....and another...
and before you know it, I would have finished them all....
Yesterday, I bought quite a lot of them to bake a pie.
So before they went into the oven, we did a little shoot..
The cherries and I.
Don't they look gorgeous?


  1. Cherries are wonderful - and beautiful! :-)

  2. They do look gorgeous! :-) That pie sounds good too!

  3. Fantastic photos from the fresh cherries. Beautiful captured !
    Have a nice weekend, May. Kind regards, Synnöve

  4. Love cherries....not in a pie just plain! They are starting to show up here but never last long in our home! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  5. I love cherries too! Bought some today, imported from the USA all the way to Australia. Cherries mid winter- quite a treat. Your photos of the cherries are so beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous indeed!

    Now I really want to eat cherries :)


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