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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pictures of our Weihnachtsmarkt in Lohr, 2012.

It was Dec 7th 2012, a Friday. The weekend had just begun. There was a certain kind of excitement within our home. The Weihnachtsmarkt in town was to begin in the evening. Winter had set in and it was to be our last, both winter and christmas in Deutschland. We had a list of christmas activities lined up for the following weeks. But for now, I was determined to enjoy the christmas spirit our little town had to offer. My kitchen was buzzing with activity. Lots of cookies were in baking, for my sister was to arrive in 2 days. More reason for our excitement. 
All day long, I looked up towards the skies.  I had a wish, just one christmas wish. 
For it to SNOW.....
There was something magical about the mix of snow and twinkling christmas lights. Magical indeed. And I wanted that, for memories.....
Well, at around 4 in the evening, before the markets were to open, the snow flakes fell ever so gently, carpeting the entire town in white.
My wish came true and indeed I had a magical time. All the while as I walked around town, I had the broadest smile on my face that night!!


  1. Merry Christmas May! Oh how I miss the German Christmas markets! I hope you and your family are settling well back in India!

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