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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adventzeit in Lohr..

The day I discovered the below webcam showing me a glimpse of Lohr I was delighted. And since then, there has been no looking back. I watched the leaves turn an orange yellow, the foggy mist hanging low over the mountains, when the sun didn't shine, I could imagine what fellow Lohrites felt and when it did come out, I rejoiced very much, for them!!

2 weeks ago when I spotted the bright orange truck parked in the Stadt which carried the christmas lights to be put around town, I was excited beyond words. For it was this orange truck that I looked forward to every November. Not being my favourite month at all, what with the changing seasons, dull skies and foggy greys, the oncoming season of advent gave me something to look forward to.  The stringing of lights meant that the city would turn a magical wonderland, straight out of a fairytale. 

Many a day and night were spent walking around town, watching the kindergarten children decorate the trees, sipping glühwein, down a piping hot bratwurst, listen to christmas ensembles being performed or be one amongst the many shopping for christmas gifts.
Now, we just have magical memories of the german advent season.

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  1. What a wonderful discovery! How lovely to see your town flourish and change from afar. :-)


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