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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook The Culprit?

I like reading blogs. Whenever time permits, I just randomly go through them and if a blog interests me, I follow it. Last night as I was randomly reading, I was stunned to read a particular blogger write about how she closed her facebook and twitter accounts and as a result could now blog daily. I am not able to blog on a daily basis, but was facebook the reason? I do not think so.

             This got me thinking and when I mean thinking, it meant real hard. I imagined closing my account and BOOM!!! What would happen??? It would feel that the only lifeline I had was cut away from me. Why my lifeline? Surely I would be able to survive!! Yes, I would be able to be breathe and live. No doubt about that.

As an expat living in a foreign land, facebook is what keeps me going. Back home I used to log on to facebook once a month. I never felt the need to be so hooked onto it. I come from a very large family( 8 sets of uncles and aunts and 22 cousins only from my Mom's side and an approximate equal figure from dad's too) where I would have a chat with my mother and sisters on a daily basis, and in-laws on a weekly basis. Birthdays, Anniversaries were never alone, we would have somebody or the other popping in not only on special days, but every other day or two and we loved it. So also, we had family get togethers where we would all meet atleast once a year and have a ball. Calls were cheap and we all knew what everybody was upto. We didn't need facebook to update about our where abouts or what we were upto.

             Now that we are away from family, facebook is the only means of being in touch with the large family. There is Skype, Google chat and other means, I know. I do not see myself sending mails and photographs to oh so many people every now and then (95% of the family is on facebook, so it helps). So also vice versa. The last month saw many functions within the family. All they had to do was post countless pictures for me and the kids to see what we missed..:-( Also facebook has helped me reconnect with long lost friends and by friends, I mean those who I have been pretty close to and with whom I have spent some memorable moments of my life.. It feels good to know what's happening with them and share  lives with each other through facebook. Apart from being in touch there is an occasional game of Scrabble that I play and not to forget the farming. I am not an addicted farmer, but do like to visit it now and then. Not sure for how long it will last!!

So, will closing my account mean that I can blog on  a daily basis??? I do not think so. For all you know, cut off from facebook may mean a closure of my blogs too.


  1. I think that keeping those accounts open makes for more interesting blogs....I mean think of all the material you can get!

  2. I love Facebook for the same reasons you do. It's the only way I can keep up with everyone..not all my fmaily members come to my blog and I never post personal pics on mine, so facebook is a great way to keep connected!


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