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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our First treasures from the Floh Markt!

"Floh Markt" AKA Flea Market in English is a regular feature every weekend in Germany. When I first heard about it, the idea didn't sound appealing or rather was not made to sound appealing.  What I understood was people came and sold old items either not of use to them or no longer wanted. Friends suggested us to go and have a look. To prove me right, the first Floh Markt we attended saw us take a look at a lot of trash and nothing of value. We never attended any more, until I had a look at Frau's treasures. I was surprised at all the lovely things she had purchased at Floh Markt's in Germany. I proceeded to tell my husband with excitement that we could find treasures like her & it was with enthusiasm we attended one this weekend. Here are our treasures of which I am the proud owner now :)

Crystal basket and X'mas tree, 9 euros

Ceramic flour and Coffee containers, 8 euros

A painting of the Madonna, 3.50 euros

The next one is a favorite of the entire family. For me it was love at first sight. A ceramic plate( 9 euros) to be hung on the wall of a Deutsch Grandma with her grandchildren, and the goodies she has baked for them behind on a table. Reminded me so much of my mother along with my kids, she reading to them and all the Indian goodies she makes for them.

 My husband and I enjoyed this experience very much. We do plan to do more of this. Looks like I am beginning to love the German way of life!!!

P.S :- Would love to know whether bargaining is okay at such markets and if so, how do we go about??

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  1. Oh my goodness you found wonderful items! I too was envious of what Frau found..I havent seen anything neat like that here. You two have inspired me to go and have another look..maybe soon we can start a Flea Market Find weekly

  2. That sounds like so much fun Sonya!!!:-)

  3. Nice treasures! I love a good flea market. My hubby is British and therefore a haggle-phobe, but we haggle at most markets (especially in other countries). I'm not sure about Germany, though, never having been there.
    Good luck with future flea marketing!

  4. Gorgeous finds, I adore the historic Madonna painting print! That style has so much emotion! I'll be a new follower :D

  5. Can you help a poor girl out who barely understands American numbers and help with translation of euros to dollars? (3.50 euros)

  6. You certainly hit the jackpot with this one. Most of the flea markets I have visited have been more like the first kind you described. But you have inspired me to try to find one like Frau's.


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