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Friday, June 25, 2010

A little boy and the Strawberry!!

This is a true story written by the mommy of a little boy. Mommy is very  fond of gardening, so when spring was round the corner, she decided to make a trip to the nursery to get a few plants to make the home look pretty. Now, the little boy also wanted a plant to call his own. No, he didn't need help from mommy to decide which one. He went looking around patiently, cause he wanted it to be the perfect little baby. Atlast he spotted one and said "This one's for me". A strawberry plant it turned out to be. Once home, he trusted mommy to be the caregiver and asked her oh so gently to plant it for him. 

Now that sonny had entrusted the plant to mommy, she had to see that the plant would not wither. Everyday the little boy would  go and see if the plant was okay. If it was too cold he would be worried, what if the plant didn't make it? Mommy assured him, that his baby was growing pretty. In no time, she grew to be a lush green beauty.

The time came for her to flower and what a delicate one it turned out to be. Little boy's joy knew no bounds. "A strawberry for me, A strawberry for me" he screamed. In a short while it dawned on him, that there were four in the family and only one flower. You see the little boy's heart is never selfish. He wanted a strawberry so badly for each one in the family. He prayed for more flowers and slowly more buds were to be seen.

Now comes little boys daddy.."Sonny" he says. "Do not count your chickens before they hatch. You see the flowers may not bear fruit. Remember mommy's tomato plants. They flowered in plenty, but there were only two tomatoes to see". Little boy is puzzled. He now prays fervently for the strawberries. You see he wanted to see them grow so badly. Everyday with a peek now and then, he finally spotted one for all of to see.

A beautiful berry with a petal still clinging on to her dearly. 

The little boy's heart was content, for there were not one, not two, but eight berries for
the family. Now he waits patiently for them to grow and ripen, so that he can enjoy them with mommy, daddy and his little sister.  The story does not end here. It will continue in a month's time with the pictures of the proud little boy with his strawberries!!

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  1. Loved this article May, you write so beautifully and the pictures are awesome! So i finally get to see how strawberries are actually born!

  2. ditto shireen ..exact words truly rock ..wish i had half the enthu as you

  3. awww, hugs to Markie.
    Wish I could be there to see his excitement when the strawberries are ripe enough to be shared and eaten.

  4. Thanks Shireen and Aparna!!
    @Aparna: Each one of us has enthu, only in different ways!!
    @Kim: Wish you were here!! Markie would definitely share with you and also Bacardi!!! :-)

  5. Now you need to get the story about The Big Ripe Strawberry and The Hungry Bear...or something like that.

  6. very sweet of him to want so badly for everyone to get one. Never underestimate the power of prayer and the strength of faith in one so young.

  7. How cute is that?! Wishing him luck!

  8. Your narration is simple, yet so powerful!!! To say it is beautiful is only an understatement!!!!

  9. What a happy little boy! I'm so happy the berries are coming on for him! Lovely photos accompanying the story too. :)

  10. This was a great pick :) Thanks for linking up!


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