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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Auf Wiedersehn Frau M.

I have something for you says Frau M, my children's Deutsch tutor handing me these beautiful pot of flowers. I am surprised. "But why??" I ask. She replies "Today is my last class with the kids and I want to thank you for the lovely cakes and the cup of hot tea you so warmly served me with always". I cannot believe it. How could I have overlooked this. "There must be two more classes" I say. "And I have not baked a cake for you today". She laughs saying "Oh, thats okay".

     As they begin their last class, I think to myself. I should be giving you flowers Frau M. You were a god sent angel to me. All those times when I was at the lowest phase of my life, it was you who gave me the encouragement, not only for me, but also for my children. When I felt so hopeless and lost with all things new, be it the language, weather,the people, was you who lent your ear to all my woes. I could speak to you about anything. Many a doubt of mine did you clear, taking the time to explain, waiting for me to understand or go that extra length to note things down. Even when I gave up on my children, it was you who told me to wait and watch and see them bloom. 

You were so right about everything. All we needed was time, support and a patient heart. Yes, I have never met a person so patient as you. Many a conversation did I have with you. About travel, food, religion, relationships and love, clothes, decor...... I enjoyed narrating stories about my life and my country to you. I am so gonna miss you. 
   I know I can call you whenever I need to talk. But am gonna miss our little chats over a cup of hot tea and cakes. 

Auf Wiedersehn Frau M, till we meet again!!!
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  1. OH how sweet! She sounds like a very nice person and great help in times of difficulty. What a nice gesture.

  2. What a sweet post,May! Im so glad you were able to meet such a decent woman as this. It is so so so hard coming to a new country and not knowing a soul. I know how much the time spent with her ment to you..and I think she enjoyed it just as much : )

  3. I know how you feel my teacher was the best part of my days in Germany. She was tough but i enjoyed many wonderful conversations. I love your new header.

  4. It sounds like instead of saying goodbye to your child's tutor, you are saying hello to a new forever friend!!

    Love flowers to go with lovely words!

  5. Awww, sad endings are so painful, arent they, but I am sure you have some priceless memories of which Frau M is part of. Glad you had her around to share a little something of everything every so often. Honestly, I thought she was the typical tutor of the Sound of Music types ...with a big shendo & spectacles :-) She looks very kind & sweet as you have described her, thnx for posting the pic :)

  6. What a beautiful entry. It's always nice to have people in your life that leave imprints on your heart.

    The flower photos are pretty...but those tulips in your header make me want to run to the store to buy some. Gorgeous!!!

  7. Such a sweet post and I love those flowers - so beautiful.

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