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Friday, February 25, 2011

Servietten Technique.

For those of you visiting my blog, you must be pretty familiar by now about my interest in art and craft. This is not a sudden interest which developed here. Back home in India too, I loved reading housekeeping magazines, dabbling with decor ideas and sprucing up my home every now and then. On moving to Lohr, I pretty soon realized that Germany is every craft worker's haven. Every village or town is filled with hobby stores and the material available is mind blowing.  Right after we moved, I found myself in one of these stores picking up glitter paints which intrigued me, and rushing home to paint my first pinecones which we had picked up from the forest. In a years time, I have become friends with the ladies at the store...:D who are ever so willing to help me out. They are pretty much used to seeing me dropping every now and then with either a query or simply to see what's new. I hope that someday, I will be able to carry my camera to the store and show you all my favorite nook in Lohr.

The next thing which will drive you insane are the numerous craft magazines available at every supermarket in town. From paper cutting to painting, gift wrapping to egg painting, pottery to crochet, name it....there's a magazine for everything. But with a hitch. Every thing is written in German. I did end up buying a few, but they are pretty expensive. So, it was with surprise I noticed in our library that it had an entire section devoted to art and craft. It didn't matter that they were German books as I didn't need to buy them. After going through a lot of them, I promptly picked up the Servietten Technique. I have been interested in this art from a pretty long time, but could not find a proper source on the net to guide me. So that night, with book in hand and the google translator by my side, I finally learnt the details into this beautiful art.

Since I completed these two pieces, I did find an interesting post which explains this art in a simple and effective way. 

You can transform terracota pots, glass bottles, wooden boxes, trays or any piece of furniture into a work of art.


  1. Wow May!! Thats a great piece of art u got there on the bottle! Amazing! Although I was a very craft type of a person in my childhood, I didnt really have the passion to pursue this interest, I dont think it can ever kick off now that I am lazy, but u must take up classes (for kids) or maybe open an arthouse - a collection of your own work once u are back in India - there are many takers for this kind of work! Good going, will look forward to seeing the pics of your craft store!!

  2. An arthouse was also suggested by a fellow expat here...;) I think I will go for the classes...:D I love working with kids!!!!

  3. What I'd give to be able to create something like that...GORGEOUS!

  4. Intriguing piece of art May! I would love to learn it frm u some day..keep decorating and am so glad that u just dont think about it(unlike me) but make an effort to find things around and actually give ur creativity a reality!! Grt going!!

  5. Preety Darling...:D I will definitely teach you all I know, someday!!! Just pray for a miracle that we return back to B'lore, so we can be neighbors again...:)

  6. Well done!!!
    I love crafting too...
    Greetings, Petra

  7. Oh May thats just beautiful!!!

    I enjoy crafting aswell but Im afraid Im not very crafty if that makes on the other hand..are VERY crafty!! Well done :)

  8. Wow, this is so beautiful, thanks for linking in our carnival.


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