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Monday, February 7, 2011


I have a fascination....for liquor, not for the drink( okay, a little for the drink..:D), more for the bottle. 

I love the different shapes and patterns they come in. Some round, some oblong, and many of them oval. The moment hubby gets a bottle home, I tell him whether I would like to keep the empty bottle or not. I then wait patiently for the drink in them to be over. Meanwhile mentally planning what to do with them.

Some look good with dry twigs in them ( I have something up my sleeve for these twigs for Valentines day..:)) And some have abstract art on them...:)

I had been eyeing this one for quite some time now. It comes with two nozzles so when you pour the drink, it has two different flavors and colors!!! Thanks to the innovative design, I already had pictured this bottle with different flowers, or maybe water plants. If only I knew how hard it would be to get the stubborn nozzles off!!! Whoever invented this, should have thought of the ladies like me who have a crazy fascination towards bottles and designed the nozzles in such a way that they could be pulled out easily!!!

After a fifteen minute struggle and a broken knife, not wanting to give up, I successfully pulled them out, washed the bottle and promptly placed my greens until I would bring fresh flowers!!!


  1. I love unique bottles. I really like the painted one. Did you paint it or did it come that way?

  2. Very can do so many different things with them, too!

  3. I painted it myself Rebecca, though it didn't turn out as expected!! I have prettier painted bottles(did it myself) back home in India..:)

  4. I also collect unique bottles and love your idea of rooting houseplants with them, as well!

  5. Beautiful! I love what you've done with them and the photos look great.

  6. Wow, thats an amazing piece of artwork May! Is that a coffee liqueur bottle? Very pretty & very creative!


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