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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday's in my city.

The first sign of Spring round the corner is not only the presence of flowers and buds but also floh markts aka flea markets in Germany. Yesterday was the first such market in our village for the year 2011. I had posted my first experience in a floh markt here. Since then, hubby and I have been looking forward to an outing at these markets. It is not always that you find something, but it sure makes for a nice time glancing through what must have been somebody's treasure for a while. 

The banks by the river Main makes for a very good spot for the markt. They are held during the weekend. Flyers are pasted all around the village informing you well in advance of the markt to come. People come in cars and caravans the night before and set up camp, arranging their stuff in foldable tables, preparing for the morning to come. If you want to get the best of such a market, the earlier you visit the better. Seventy five percent of the market makes for junk and trash.

And the remaining is made up of fine treasures like these....
(The guy at this stall slowly made a passing comment that I need to pay a euro for taking a shot of his treasures...:P)

or these.....

I wonder at times if everybody manages to make a sale. It is okay to bargain. Well, we do...:) It sometimes works, but sometimes not. 

Like for instance, the lady who sold this plate to us, would not lower the price (10€)  at all. But there are times, when some pieces just mesmerise us and we need to have it.  So in the end, you give in and walk home with a priceless treasure in hand.

One more find of ours, a Bavarian mug which now sits pretty in my cupboard.

And before we left, I had to stop by the Main to take a snap shot of it. I love watching these barges pass by, always.

Have a wonderful week everyone. The kids are back to school and I should be back to my routine of stopping by and visiting you all. Do not forget to visit Unknown Mami and say hello to my fellow blogger friends too.
Unknown Mami


  1. LOVE the blue and white cermaic containers!!!!! I love going to things like this. Love the plate you bough and the mug is so awesome. I need to get some of those myself.

    Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Ditto!! I loved the blue & white ceramic jars..very beautiful :) how much did they cost?

  3. Hunting for treasures is a wonderful pastime. I'm not very good at it but I like trying.

  4. May you are killing me posting pictures of such amazing stuff....I miss the Floh marts so the best stuff and awesome deals...the blue and white sniff sniff.....I want ! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. What a beautiful weather to spend a day exploring interesting stuff!
    Have a great week ahead!

  6. I too am thrilled when the flea markets move outside! Looks like they have fun things in Lohr. Happy hunting!

  7. Oh! We are so excited for flea market season : )
    The treasures out there to be uncovered are limitless!

  8. i like the beer mug. Especially since I am drinking Heineken as I write.

  9. What a fun place to explore.
    So much colour and treasure just waiting to be found.

  10. I love flea markets. I haven't been to one in such a long time.


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