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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My name is Khan, what's yours?

Guess what the kids bump into while surfing channels on the television. You guessed it right..:) Now, it was no surprise to me to see king Khan on German TV. Here's why......German's adore him, yes, like crazy!! Here's what an article has to say about him, that he is as popular as the Pope!!!! Huh???

Sonny has a classmate who squeals like crazy the moment she sees his posters. She goes about screaming, kissing and all the girlie stuff girls do when they see their favorite stars. Of course, sonny is not impressed..:)

Here's another incident....a fellow Indian expat who was attending german classes at the Volkshochschule was asked what was famous in India. Before she could even reply(she was to mention the Taj Mahal), her fellow classmates replied in unison Sharukh Khan!!!! :D

Anyway, though being Indian, the kids and I are not fond of Bollywood. There's no explanation as to why. I do have a select collection of favorite Indian movies, but that's about it. So what made us watch this? Call it coincidence or what, it was the day I began tutoring the kids on the hindi alphabet or akshar, and the same evening we encounter this?? I could not believe our luck and instructed them to to watch the whole movie. It would help them in their language training.
(Doesn't Kajol look ravishing? )

After 10 minutes of whining and protesting, we managed to sit through the entire movie with occasional tears :D and protests again!!!
 Final verdict by sonny after sitting through the entire story..."I need to put in some sense into this director's head!!!!" So Mr Karan Johar, what have you to say??


  1. Am guessing you are one of his fans??

  2. I have not seen it....are you gasping I guess I'm behind the times in Films! Being in Germany we never went to movies they rarely game in English. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Haha, what a delightful post May! And the picture clarity is awesome! Good one :)

  4. Oh, Shahrukh Khan is that famous in Germany? Anyway I don't watch movies. You had asked what camera I use. It is sony DSC-W5. It is vintage compared to the latest models but I love it. It takes good pictures.


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