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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunny Sunny days....

We are on our family holiday in beautiful Italy. Enjoying the hot weather(just like India), gorging on delicious sea food and frolicking on the beach, visiting ancient monuments. The kids are loving it. Ahhh, and yes, not to forget our Italian adventures which we will remember all our lives...:)

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the yellow umbrellas and the beautiful sea!

  2. What a beautiful photo. Love those colors. Italy was the best trip in my life - so far - and I don't think anything will ever beat it until I get to go back.

  3. Thank you for your kind words - and I´m soooooo envious! Italy - I´ve dreamed about going there for years and eat my way through the whole country! :-D

  4. Those umbrellas and the water and sand make me want to hop the next plane to Italy! Enjoy enjoy!

  5. Wonderful May! Ur pics are simply superb!! (even those u shared on FB!) Have a blast!!


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