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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fireworks in Lohr am Main

On Sunday we were treated to spectacular fireworks in our little village. Every year the beer fest ends with these fireworks by the river Main. People from the surrounding villages line up on both the old and new bridge to view the display. For us it was the first time and the kids were way too excited.
(The special boat which takes you on a little cruise and then stops for a while to view the fireworks)

Bursting of fireworks any time of the year is forbidden in Germany and a punishable offense. The only time you see such displays are during Silvester(New Year's eve),beer fests or exclusive displays planned by the state. For Indians who are used to bursting crackers for every other event or celebration it is hard. More so during the time of Diwali(festival of lights), not being able to celebrate the normal way can be frustrating. So on Sunday night, it felt like a special kind of Diwali celebration, only a little bit early...:D


  1. These are beautiful captures, May!

  2. Amazing shots and what a fun way to end a celebration! Have a wonderful Today!

  3. Hi May,
    I love the plum trees in your previous post. I would just sit under that tree and wait for the fruit to fall, I love plums!
    PS The flowers in my photos aren't the same, the second photo is just a common hosta, but obviously very good tasting!

  4. Now, those are so great shots May! I'm so happy everyone enjoyed the celebration.

    PS ~ Thanks so much for your great comment on my last post. You always say the nicest things. :)


  5. Stunning fireworks show!! Love the colros!

  6. Beautiful photos! Enjoy the last few days of summer.

  7. That was an awesome display of fireworks May! Good to learn about the rules n regulations that need to be followed..unlike in India where crackers are burst for weddings, birth of a baby and even when games or elections are won!!

  8. No common fireworks in Germany, huh? I can think of a few times when someone lit off some fireworks and they scared the daylights out of me - I would have gone for that law that day!

    You had a lovely view of the fireworks, that's for sure.


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