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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sundays in my City

I hope everybody has had a lovely week. We have been experiencing the warmest Advent season and I have never been so happy. In exactly a weeks time we should be touching down in India. Yes, I will be home for Christmas!!! There are no words to describe the excitement we are going through and not to forget the countdown the kids are having. 
The kids have been busy with their christmas preparations in school. They know that I love everything hand made and when it is made with their own hands, I go giddy with joy and excitement. They love giving me little hints as to what they are making and when the day finally arrives, they bring their treasured pieces home. And like any mommy, I proudly display their work of art for all to see. 

P.S: The above nativity scene was hand sculpted by my daughter at school. Apparently Joseph was mixed up with another girl's and there was no way she could find the one she made. Once home, she begged me not to display cause this figurine looked funny to her. I had to convince her that they all looked great and that I was not willing to trade this for any other nativity scene. 

Unknown Mami


  1. That's SO awesome - enjoy!! :-)

  2. I can see why you would treasure it too. Home for Christmas, no wonder you are excited!
    Are you taking your orchids with you??
    I wasn't a zinnia girl either until I saw them again on blogs in recent months and fell in love with their beauty.

  3. Your header picture is awesome and that hand made manger scene is TO DIE FOR!!!

    Love it.

  4. Aww, I love her nativity scene even with the guest appearance of a different Joseph. You are a sweet mom.

  5. WOW! That is just perfect! I LOVE IT!!!! I do believe that is the best nativity set I have ever seen.

    So glad your going home for Christmas. Have a wonderful safe trip and by the way ~ I love your header!!! and warm weather too! even at Christmas time.

    xoxo, Lisa

  6. Super stuff May!! Love Anna's handiwork! The crib looks so beautiful! Love ur header too!!

  7. That is the BEST nativity I have ever seen. Cherish that forever! Have a wonderful trip home!


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