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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


What is the best part about winter that you like? Apart from snow?

Well, I love lighting up our home with candles and t-lights. The soft glow from the lit candles not only give a cosy feel to the home, but also much needed warmth.
Christmas markets are one such place to find awesome t-light holders, like the one above. It's a small glass bowl with a hand painting of a typical winter's night in Germany. When it's lit, to me it looks real.  It feels as though there is somebody inside those buildings with a crackling fire inside...


  1. Beautiful May. My sister and her family will fly over to Europe in a few days, that plan to see the Strasberg Christmas markets at some point too.
    We have similar restrictions about plant matter entering and leaving our country. Some states within our country have similar rules too. Your German friends are sure to love your orchids.

  2. that's a great looking candle holder

  3. YES! I love candles and T lights! Your so right about what they do to a room.

    AND A HUGE! THANK YOU for being excited about my son's news. YOUR THE BEST MAY!!! :)


  4. Gorgeous....I have a bunch of battery operated ones and on a timer I love the glow on a winters night.


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