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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesdays around the world.

All that my house smells of is raisin and rum!!!

Back home in India, rich plum cakes were what we gifted to our near and dear ones. I have no idea as to how this tradition originated, but what I do remember is waiting eagerly with excitement to visit everybody with the beautifully wrapped cake in our hands. And yes, the cakes were specially baked by the bakers exclusively for Christmas as ovens were rarely found in homes for people to bake.

I toyed with the idea of gifting the Indian way to our friends of two years. It turned out that we had made quite a few...:-), hence I ended up baking round the clock!!!
For those interested in the recipe, head on over here.


  1. That is so nice - love that you're sharing! :-) my boy was a so called "Star boy" (can't translate it better than that). :-)

  2. I think your friends will love indulging in your traditional sweets from India. Love your header picture so festive!

  3. That sounds positively delightful- just hearing you describe that smell through your house makes me smile.


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