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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To paint or not to paint?

The pots are all planted,

The balcony sort of cleaned.

Soon I will be surrounded by pretty flowers.

But right now I feel like an old woman, wobbling around the house.

How could I have forgotten that gardening is indeed a good workout.

Don't you love these little fellows?

My daughter wants them painted, I like them as they are.

So what do you think?

To paint or not to paint?


  1. I think not, but if you do, I think a speckled brown or speckled green would suit. I stagger around after gardening as well. Still, it is the kind of workout I like!

  2. I agree...gardening will definitely work you to the bone! Hmm...that's a good question about the frogs. I think they're adorable either way.

  3. LOVE those frogs and NO tell her , don't paint them, they are beautiful!
    And I love your header!

  4. How cute they are! You have just reminded me that I need to re-plant my spider plants. They are all so ready.

  5. Hope you aren't sore for too long! Have a fantastic week!

  6. I love the frogs as they are! Adorable.

  7. LOL, you were right, we must have telepathy! I say not to paint. They are just too cute as is.

  8. Paint them! A child's creativity always results in something good!! (Unless u've paid a bomb for them!!)

  9. Garden work IS hard work - you deserve some chocolate tonight! :-)

    1. Oh no Tinajo!! I deserve a massage!!! lol..:D

  10. Hi May,

    Many thanks for visiting me and was lovely to see your comment.
    I too have been out in the garden today - it is hard work sometimes.
    The answer to your question, yes I do make the bears.

    I look forward to coming back again to visit - have a happy day

  11. I like them the way they are, and I'll like them a bit weathered too. I'd pick stain over paint if I were to do paint tends to chip off!


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