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Friday, March 30, 2012

Frühlingsfest 2012

Today I will share pictures from the Frühlingsfest we had over the weekend in our village. The day was picture perfect, clear blue skies, extremely warm, lots and lots of food, beer and color. The mood was festive with lots of music and chatter. It felt as though everybody had woken up from their bout of hibernation, eager to step out and bask in the warmth of sunshine.

As in any fest, there were colorful stalls selling lovely handmade wares. With Easter round the corner, easter bunnies,and decorated eggs were a familiar sight. I do not know, does an easter hen exist?

Not to forget the food. Lots and lots of it. Home made conserves, sauces, marmalades....

and baked goodies too. (Since there was a mad crowd, I refrained myself from asking what the circular goodie was. And now, I cannot find it in the bakeries. Does anyone know what is it?)

This was how it was made. 

We decided to give the bratwurst a miss and gorged on some turkish delights. Spinach rolls and yummy meat balls. DELICIOUS!!!

The kids spent some time bungee jumping on a trampoline and while they were at it, my heart kept skipping a beat!! Silly me....:D

Where you live, do you have such festivals to welcome the changing seasons?


  1. It's probably "Baumkuchen". Literally: treecake. The dough is continually added, so the cake comes in many layers, just as the trunk of a tree.
    Enjoy the school holiday and Easter
    Barbara (Frammersbach) :-)

    1. Vielen vielen Dank Barbara!!!! I am so glad that you dropped by and told me what it is. I will now go and see what is a tree cake on the internet and will definitely try it out if I see it again in a fest.
      Frohe Ostern und schöne Ferien auch für Sie.

  2. Such a great festival! We used to have them in the Midwest where I grew up. (A lot of Germans lived there.) Here in California, not so much. We have farmers markets and art & wine fests but nothing as elaborate as what you show here.

  3. This looks super fun, I love festivals like this - so much to see! :-)

  4. Such a treat to see happenings around the world. I love Blogger for that!

    Fun photos..I'm intrigued by that round dessert as well. I saw the above comment, so I'm going to do a search to check it out.


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