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Saturday, March 17, 2012

With the temperature touching a 20 C, it is time to bring out the open shoes and lighter clothes. My little one was more than excited to be wearing her spring shoes again. My little one with the big feet. Can you believe that she has just 2 more sizes to grow to reach mine? I am a mommy with small feet.

This also means that it's time to wash and dry the winter wear, woolens, boots and all!! Pack them up for the next six months and bring the spring/summer wear out. 
Time to get busy!!!!


  1. Yay!!! for spring!!!! We are already in the 80's... Three of my four kids have passed me in the shoe thing. When my daughters foot grew to the size of mine she would wear my shoes outside to play in and she would ruin them!!!! Now my shoes are to small for her and I'm so happy! See what you have to look forward to :) My son's are in sizes 15 and 16 american mens size shoes!! THESE SHOES ARE HUGE!! It's so funny to see them. I have always had a shoe basket by the door - when the kids were little it all looked so cute and neat. NOW It's funny to see GREAT BIG shoes piled in this great big basket by the back door. LOL!!!...I have to find a new system :)

    and May, Thank you so much for your last message. You truly are the BEST!!!!

    xoxo, Lisa

  2. Wohoo for packing winter away! :-)

  3. Yeah! So nice to swap out seasonal clothes! Cute shoes and crocus!

  4. Gorgeous shoes... I wish I was a mummy with small feet. My feet are so large I can't buy shoes in Thailand big enough :( It was the same in Spain!


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