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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

67th Lohrer Festwoche.

When you speak about beer festivals, the first thought that pops to anybody's mind is the Octoberfest which is the world's largest beer fest that takes place in Munich every year. What you may not know is that other german cities and smaller towns too have their fair share of a beer fest.
On Friday, Lohr am Main witnessed the opening parade of the week long beer festival. Sharing pictures of the parade and events that followed.

It began with the gun salute by the men above dressed in the traditional german leather hoses. The guns are quite loud to make your heart go thumping.
Once they were done, the parade with 2 brass bands followed by the mayor and the town council members arrived. With them was the beer wagon with the huge barrel pulled forth by horses that were dressed up(and who did not look pleased).

As the bands played on and traditional franconian dances were performed, people crowded around the barrel for their free share of beer.

After the formal performance, everybody headed in a parade towards the huge tent that was put up by the river Main.

(No parade is complete without snow white and the seven dwarves)

(aerial view of the white beer tent with the fun rides for the young ones)

Once inside, the fun begins. You can drown yourself in beer, pretzels with cheese or grilled chicken. For the ones not wanting to get tipsy there is the Radler to enjoy, a mixture of soda pop or lemonade and beer.

As you drink and eat, you have various bands performing and providing entertainment to the crowd. The fun lasts for nine days.


  1. I would enjoy attending this beer fest and I like how the parade and hoopla are all traditional. My hometown in Wisconsin has a Bratwurst festival, and yes, beer is served there too.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the pics, they look so festive! Would love to go at the festival sometime!

  3. Wow such a fun event....would have love to go to when in Germany! Love all your pictures of coarse!


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