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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fields of delight

The simple joys of living in Germany....
being able to walk through flower fields, keep looking for what you find best,
cut a few blooms and take them home.

While a few friends of mine living in Stuttgart told me of such fields, strangely I had never seen them around where we live. These are small patches of land with blooms(sunflowers, dahlia, gladiola) a small hut(nobody is in there. I guess it's for the garden tools) and a sign telling you how much the flowers cost and where to drop in the money. That's all. Not a soul around.Since you have to cut the flowers yourself, knives in a small basket are placed below the sign. I love how things work on trust.

(The  sunflower blooms at home)

Over the weekend, we were in Bühl to spend time with a cousin of my maternal grandmother (he left India 52 years ago to join priesthood in Switzerland). On our way back to Lohr, we passed through countless number of such fields. We had to stop by one and experience it for ourselves. The kids and I were both thrilled.


  1. This concept of trust and of pick your own flowers and pay is fabulous. And how neat you visited a relative who joined the priesthood and had left India 52 years ago to do that. What a bold move for him. I hope he is very blessed.

  2. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog and really like it. Wow, I never heard of this kind of flower picking and paying. Sounds fantastic. Would love to pass through such a field as well. :-)

  3. Gorgeous fields of flowers! We have produce shacks here where farmers sell their product and you leave money in a can....all on trust....amazes me! Have a wonderful day!

  4. My mom was here this past weekend and she enjoyed looking at your blog photos (Born in Frankfurt '27)

  5. Wonderful photos from the sunflowers and your family. So lovely !
    Have a nice weekend, May. Best regards, Synnöve

  6. So so pretty! There's something about sunflower fields that I find really fascinating <3

  7. I miss that European trust that people have in each other. :) and I love those sunflowers!

  8. sunflowers make very spot a little brighter!


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