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Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm alive

Yes, very much and all is well too in my part of the world.
I never expected the blog to come to a complete standstill. It's just that with the kids home on their summer break coupled with quite a bit of travelling and additional company made it quite hard for me to keep pace. Thank goodness for the facebook page which allowed me to update with an occasional picture here and there.
(A sudden new burst of petunias which have transformed my little terrace again)

So coming back to the present, I cannot believe how the past six weeks just flew by. It turned out to be an amazing summer break with amazing weather. The best that I have experienced in the past 3 years. Schools re open on Thursday and I hope to be back to our normal routine in the coming weeks.

For now, we are clinging onto whatever remains of the gorgeous summer we have had. It doesn't feel like autumn yet though the trees have slowly begun turning a shade of pale yellow. The flowers are here to stay for a little while and am holding onto all the colour and sunshine.


  1. So wonderful to see a post from you, again! Glad you had such a good summer...welcome back!

  2. You sure has been silent - nice to see a post from you again! :-)

  3. I'm happy you had a full fun summer....colors and pictures are amazing! I love being FB friends a little but of Germany everyday! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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