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Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy weekend all!!

We have been hit full on with the burst of spring. In my mind I think, better late than never!
The explosion of colours is unbelievable that I have been trying to be outdoors as much as possible. In the mornings by myself and in the evenings with the kids. 
The above is the scene in our backyard. The tree belongs to our neighbours. It's one of the very first to bloom. All of monday I kept a watch to see the changes happening, the buds slowly swelling up to bloom. As of today, with the slightest breeze the flowers come raining down softly, truly a pretty sight.

The weeping willows no longer weep, their long green leaves will slowly be dancing in the wind. Over the weekend we should be also welcoming the cherry and apple blossoms.

It's amazing how a season like spring can lift your spirits and keep you happy all day long. 

Dear readers, here's wishing you all a bright, sunny, colourful weekend!!


  1. Beautiful! I especially love your neighbor's tree! Our weeping willow blooms all year, I forgot that it doesn't everywhere, how exciting you have color in your corner of the world again!

  2. Wow gorgeous! We are not quite there yet! I can't wait to see the colors in my backyard. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Very nice! it snowed here last night...we need some spring flowers here too!

  4. So beautiful and hopeful - I love these pictures. :-)


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