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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The past two years saw us pass by this tulip field on our way to Würzburg. The first year it was a kind of a surprise to spot the colour from a distance. By the time we realised what it was, we had driven way ahead and there was no looking back. Last year, having travelled to the Netherlands to the world famous Keukenhof gardens, my heart and soul were content with the enormous amount of tulips we saw. So this year, when winter turned out to be longer than expected, I kind of began to wonder if I would have this gorgeous treat again. 

Two weeks ago we drove by the patch, NOTHING at all.

Not wanting to give up, last weekend we returned again. I wanted to shout for joy on spotting the yellow and red bulbs from a distance. 

It was a riot of colours. My husband still cannot figure out my delight considering the fact that it is a very small patch of flowers. To me, it's a feast to my eyes.

We spent a lot of time walking through the length of the field, posing for some excellent family portraits. There were so many varieties of tulips, you had to look through and spot them. We also cut a few to add some colour to my kitchen sill. I want to return to this beautiful spot again. Such is my love for the flowers. I wonder if I will be able to.

P.S: For those wanting to know the exact location of the fields, here's a link to the map. It's located just before Retzbach Zellingen. A half an hour drive from Lohr it's worth a trip. Hurry up before all the flowers fall off.
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  1. Such gorgeous colors! :-)

  2. Absolutely beautiful - I would venture back to see them again myself.

  3. The colours are so vibrant! It's almost hard to believe the tulips come into flower so quickly. What a feast for the eyes.

  4. I understand your joy at seeing the colours from a distance, and can imagine your happiness seeing them on your kitchen sill. A good idea taking family portraits in the fields! I like your last shot.

  5. wow! these are great pics... now i am jealous :)


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