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Friday, September 13, 2013

Picking up the pieces...

Last month when we got the news that our shipment was cleared by the customs and would begin its journey from the port to our home, we were over the moon. We had been living out of our suitcases for over 2 months and it was about time that our lives returned to normal with our belongings. The kids were waiting for their favourite couch to laze on, their bikes and all the nitty gritty stuff that held memories back of Lohr. Myself, I was done with washing and scrubbing both clothes and dishes by hand. I was ready to greet and welcome my gadgets. Sadly, fate had other plans in store for us. The container met with a major accident on a highway enroute to our home. People were seriously injured and our furniture broken to bits and pieces. Sadly, our life had gone from getting near to normal to I have no words to say.
Our home resembled a disaster zone and we were in disbelief when we saw the scene unfold in front of us. To make a long story short, the nights that followed were of indescribable stress, rummaging through our broken furniture and trying to fit the pieces like a jig saw puzzle. Pictures had to be taken, insurance claims to apply, more than a 100 boxes to be opened and check for further damages. Amidst all this, we consoled ourselves that we were hale and hearty, we had a terrific stay with amazing memories of Germany and that was what mattered.
Yet, I couldn't stop myself from feeling overwhelmed and having meltdowns. Till my kids began their form of therapy in their own way. Lying down for a short break we began speaking about our life in Lohr. As we spoke we were very much present in this little town..
We walked around the markt platz, paused to look around the square..

We then proceeded to grab a cone of Eis at our favourite cafe round the corner..
(Eis cafe Venezia, we miss your exotic preparations)
With the cone in hand, we strolled down the cobbled stones of my favourite lane.. 

Walking on, we turned down the road to where our home was. Such lovely memories!!

Were we done yet? You bet not. How could an evening be complete without a visit to my favourite spot in the whole wide world. The kids playing in the background while I sat beneath the weeping willow. Gosh, just the thought helped me de stress very much!!

When we felt we had spent enough time by the river , we walked back home to a gorgeous sunset over the Spessart mountains.

Since that first flashback , the kids and I speak a lot about our stay in Germany. It helps me beyond words to listen to their special moments and memories of their lives there. Their best and worst periods, their regrets(I am surprised they have some!!) , their favourite drives, walks, food, anything at all that comes to mind. We have begun travelling once again to different countries(sadly, I haven't written good blog posts about all our travels) and re live our lives that were well spent.
And through all this, we have overcome the challenges that were put forth to us and have slowly began transforming our lives to normal. 


  1. Oh what wonderful memories, and lovely images. So sorry to hear about your container, how heartbreaking. It must have been a horrible accident! Hope you get back to somewhat normal living soon.

  2. I'm so sorry about your container...I hope the special items you cherish were spared and if not you will go back to Germany some day and buy more. My heart aches for you and your family wanting life to be back to normal I hope the process of replacing is swift....keeping you in my thoughts.

  3. So sorry to hear about your container and the damage to your furniture. It's so reassuring to have the stuff we are comfortable with. Lovely memories and photos from Lohr.


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