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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Your Scent?

Today is Tuesday's around the world and the Girls at Communal Global want to know "What's your scent?". Interesting, right? For a moment it was not for me. I sat there pondering what to do cause I am a no perfume girl. Yeah, I prefer having a shower with my fruity liquid soap than spray on perfume. Also I totally agree with Sonya, that for most part of the day I too, do smell of bakes and cakes or whatever's been cooking in the kitchen. I sat on my thinking couch, wondering what do I post. In 30 minutes with a smile on my face, I dashed to the cupboard and pulled out my favourite scent!! This is what my husband uses and I just love its scent. 

Head over to Communal Global to see but not smell the scents of women around the world...:-)


  1. Wow, I didn't know that Harley-Davidson came out with their own brand of eau de toilette! Interesting brand extension. :)

  2. I love it. Your husbands scent is your favorite. I think love is so wonderful! Thank you ever so much (as always) for participating in Tuesdays Around the World! We just love you to bits over there!

  3. Thats so cool! I love the way my husband smells too when he puts his cologne on every once and awhile..and I just love that Im not the only one who carries the scent of batter on

  4. I kinda like Curve for men, but my crazy husband won't wear it because he says it smells 'cheap'. Whatever.....that stuff makes my panties fall off.........

    I'm not too big on perfume though because it normally gives me a headache......

    I do like two lotions from bath and body works

    Black Raspberry Vanilla
    Moonlight Path

  5. I am guessing it smells good and not like rubber and oil!!! Love the smell of my husband too!

  6. I loved this! My husband's scent is my favorite scent too!

    Good thinking!

  7. I have never seen that cologne. Sometimes I actually prefer men's fragrances to women's!

    Best wishes,


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