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Monday, June 4, 2012


Right now, I have tremendous respect to all those who blog diligently!! Yes, all those who are working moms, on the go, travel all over the world, maybe sick or ill and yet, pause to pen in a few words. While so many of my posts are still in drafts, as the days go by, I find it extremely hard to stop by and blog. So many thoughts, so much to tell, yet I wonder, whether my time management skills have gone for a toss.
All you bloggers out there, what is the secret? I want to know.

Coming back to today's post, I want to show you prettiness!!!
or that's what my friends commented when I posted a few pictures on Facebook.
We were on the hunt for the right garden furniture and we finally found it on Saturday at the store where I buy all my plants, OBI.

This is my seat...:-) Right next to my dream patch. When I began work on the garden in March I had a picture in mind as to what I wanted. I am so glad I achieved it. The corner with all the green and color feels like a tiny patch of earth with new life springing out. The mint bush in there has such a heady scent, it feels real good. The lavender flowers(long stalks you see) should be blooming in a few days.

This is how it looks from our living room. More prettiness..:-)
Since I set it all up, it has been raining cats and dogs and so very cold.
I am yet to sit in there with my piping hot cup of morning tea or a glass of wine in the evening.
Till then, I take delight in the color and pray to the rain gods to please leave us alone.
By us I mean, my prettiness and me..:D


  1. Beautiful, May! I LOVE your view from the living room, such gorgeous colors! And what perfect furniture to sit enjoy your tea!

  2. It does look very pretty and lovely - great colors! :-)

  3. Beautiful flowers and wonderful colours, it's certainly a pretty spot to watch the world go by. Hope the rain stops soon so you get a chance to enjoy it!

  4. May, this is so lovely. I would love to come visit and have tea with you amidst all those pretty flowers. What a great space...I hope the rain goes away, so you can sit out there and ENJOY! :)

  5. All these captures are so calming, colourful and welcoming.

  6. That is how I want my garden/patio to look one day!


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